Are your clients thinking about you in bed? If not, here’s what you’re missing…

Are your clients thinking about you in bed? Personal brand photography


Let’s set the scene by meeting our new friend, Julie:

You’re on the verge of getting new branding images.

You’ve seen how incredible some women can look in their photos and you’d give anything to have yours turn out so beautifully. But you’ve also seen the opposite – the branding images of a colleague (played by our good friend Julie) which cause you to feel sorry for her on the inside, whilst managing an encouraging, upbeat smile on the outside.

We all know the ones – the photos that look ‘fine’ if you squint at them for long enough, in the right light and from a particular angle. But other than that, they’re a little… embarrassing.

‘They’re great Julie, you happy with them do you think?’, hoping she recognises the mistakes she’s made herself so you don’t have to be the one to awkwardly point it out.

And so as you’ve undoubtedly been looking in every corner of the online world for what you want to include in your own branding images, let’s make sure you don’t end up like Julie.

But how?

What is it that causes Julie to wind up like Julie?

And what makes the greatest branding images so powerful? So attention-grabbing? So full of brightness, approachability and certainty?

The answer is simple on the surface level, but to really help you understand what to look for in a branding photographer, let’s dig a little deeper for you:

In short, the most phenomenal branding images have been taken by a specialist that thinks not just like a simple ‘photographer’ but like a ‘graphic designer’ for your brand at large. Anyone can take a good photo, but only a select few can give you an image and branding approach that will actually help you sell while you sleep.

That’s right, it used to be awkward if people were thinking about us while they were in bed – but now we welcome it! Such is the power of true branding mastery, and it all starts with images that can’t be forgotten.

So what would a branding specialist with such a keen eye for ‘success while you sleep’ be looking for as they seat you on the other side of the camera? What can they see that so many of the others can’t? 


The first thing they get to know is you:
They want to know about you and your personality. What inspires you? What do you stand for in this world? What are your strengths and dreams? And what is it about you that people naturally gravitate towards?


Next, they must know about your business:

They are passionate about the problem you solve for your clients, what you sell and how you actually help them. They also dig into some of the more obscure sides of your business – what makes your business different, what the client experience is like and if your business had a personality, what would it be?

 Before and after personal brand photos with Jo Westaway Photography in Brisbane


Finally, they want to know all about your buyers:

With questions such as; Who they are? Why do they need this problem solved? And most importantly when it comes to displaying your personality in your images: What is required for them to have complete certainty in you?

It is critical to understand the difference in strategic branding approaches here if you want to walk away with images that stun your market, causing them to be instantly attracted to you as a personal brand.

Julie’s photographer likely only focused on one out of these three areas – and the results speak for themselves. But to have images that stand out, and that can be used as part of a versatile image library all over your social and online profiles, taking all three factors into account is essential.

Could someone please kindly let our friend Julie know there was a far better option available all along?



Jo Westaway is Brisbane’s leading personal brand photographer. She loves helping amazing and talented business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, like yourself, stand out and become the brand their ideal clients love. By combining photography, brand strategy, design skills and a love of making people look amazing, she works closely with her clients to create stunning on-brand photos designed to help them confidently be more visible, have an incredible brand presence and win more customers.
If this sounds like something you'd love help with - let's have a chat.


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