Photography packages to have you looking and feeling the best in business

Confidently step into the spotlight of your business and become the brand that your ideal clients can know, love, and trust with beautiful, stylish portrait images by Jo. Packages include hair and makeup styling and wardrobe styling tips and advice for looking best on camera — you won’t have to figure this out alone.

What you’ll get

Pampering on the day to look amazing (plan a date night afterwards!) and receive stunning high resolution and web optimised images to use across your website, social media pages, speaker and media kits, books, e-books and pdf documents. If you’d love to show your true personality to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your ideal clients, then click here and get in touch with Jo via email. 



Why personal branding images?

Personal brand portraits are for motivated and genuine business owners and professionals wanting to confidently step into the spotlight of their business, authentically connect with their buyers and become the brand their ideal clients love. They’re for those serious about growing their business, raising their personal brand profile, being seen as a leader and authority in their area of specialty and displaying confidence and certainty to their audience.


how does it work?



1. We'll do a strategic planning, advice and guidance session.

Let’s go over the finer details: branding and marketing so your images align with your business; how and where you’ll use your images for maximum results; and who they’re for so they connect with your buyers. Together we’ll tailor your session and design the shoot so your portraits are right for you. Helping you prepare for your session, we'll also go over advice on what clothes photograph well, tips on what to do before your session and what to bring.


2. Personal branding photography session

Feel confident with professional hair and makeup and be guided and directed through poses which will resonate with your ideal clients and capture your personality. The day is focused entirely on you and creating powerful portraits which will work for you and your business.


3. Viewing and ordering appointment

Today is the day you’ll come back into the studio to choose and order the portraits you love!


4. Congratulations, they’re ready!

It’s time to download your chosen images. Then, plaster them everywhere! Go on, you look wonderful.



Okay! Where do I book in?

Great! You’re ready to show your true personality and business culture,
as well as build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with your buyers?  
Click here to schedule a call with Jo today.