Behind the scenes 2016

Personal branding photo sessions on location


It’s New Years Eve, a time to look back and reflect at the year just past. It’s been amazing meeting and photographing many interesting and wonderful clients: those serious about growing their business with personal branding and business imagery, those wanting to embrace who they are and reconnect with themselves through personal portraits, many gorgeous families who wanted to show their love for each other and celebrate their relationships now and for years to come with gorgeous photography for their home, and one wedding!

In the spirit of reflecting and a good laugh, here’s some beautiful, humorous and sometimes unflattering (only of me though) images of what’s been happing in the studio in 2016 – a side of our studio that you’ve never seen before!

Disclaimer: some of these images are rather embarrassing shots of me…. BUT, they are SUPER entertaining!! Enjoy and it’s ok to laugh – cause I am!!

 Head shots and personal brand business photos - Brisbane

 Behind the scenes in personal branding portrait and headshot photography session

Professional hair and makeup in business personal brand and headshot photography shoot


Oh look dance lessons, or is it Simon Says?

How to look good in your business photos - professional photographers help you with this

Professional hair and makeup helps included in your photography session - Brisbane

Professional photography - women's portraiture


Best photo bomber ever!!! Merry the cat.

Professional personal brand photos and head shot images for men - Brisbane


OMG the studio smelt gorgeous for days after having so many beautiful cakes in it! How to look your best in photos - work with a professional photographer who has your best interests at heart


We LOVE laugh lines here in the studio, so much so I’ll show you mine!

How to get a natural flattering smile in photos - professional brand photography shows her clients


Still finding flour and icing sugar in the most unusually places in the studio!

 Business photos don't have to be boring - create interest with creative images - Brisbane headshot photographer


 Going bush to get the best shot!


I love you!!!

Mother and daughter photos - Brisbane portrait photographer

Photography sessions with professional hair and makeup for business women - Brisbane


When I said embarrassing – I meant it. Not sure what I was trying to communicate here!

Best outtake ever - Brisbane branding photographer

Personal branding, business images and headshots for Brisbane business owners

Personal branding like a pro - start with hiring professional hair and makeup artists and brand photographer


Priceless moment – mum rushing in to teach her youngest how to fold his arms!!!


Laughing way too much with my bestie!

Personal branding and headshots photography studio - Brisbane

Wishing everyone a great 2017. Thanks for your friendship and kindness throughout 2016. I am truly grateful to have you all in my life. Here’s to more fun, laughs and beautiful photos!


Jo Westaway is Brisbane’s leading personal brand photographer. She loves helping amazing and talented business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, like yourself, stand out and become the brand their ideal clients love. By combining photography, brand strategy, design skills and a love of making people look amazing, she works closely with her clients to create stunning on-brand photos designed to help them confidently be more visible, have an incredible brand presence and win more customers.
If this sounds like something you'd love help with - let's have a chat.


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