Personal branding: What’s Gary V doing that we’re not?

 What's Gary V doing that we're not? Personal brand tips

Hey everyone! Hey, what about this idea?

Is anyone listening? Hey, team?! Is this microphone even turned on…?

So much to say… in a room full of other people with so much to say. We’re going to need some luck to be heard here today!

Sound like a familiar situation?

If there’s one thing we all despise in this world it’s not being listened to, especially when we’ve got worthy value to add. It’s like having a present no one wants to open, even though we went to the effort of wrapping it with a bow tie and all!

It can happen often enough in actual social situations, but we modern business owners face the exact same dilemma every single day online. The busy, noisy place that has become our social media feeds – the same place where so many of our ideal buyers are hanging out – is a prime example of such loudness.

How often have you nervously pushed ‘publish’ on a piece of content you tirelessly worked all night on, submitting it to the world to be devoured, only to check the next day and see two likes – one of which was a family member who likes every post no matter what anyway (thanks, Mum).

There has to be a better way.

A way that doesn’t necessarily change the content we’re giving to the world, but just changes the way it captures the attention of our buyers – especially when all the noise around them is only getting louder!

Well, where better to look than directly at the best!

After learning the awe-inspiring Gary Vaynerchuk will be coming to Brisbane as part of his upcoming speaking tour (anyone else coming?!) I took the opportunity to ask the question:

How is it that Gary has generated so much authority through the content he produces?

There are many people who have the same things to say as Gary, but the way he has delivered his message is different – and he has amassed a huge following because of it.

And when it comes to his branding images, I noticed there was one strategy that stood out immediately above all others. One that allowed his authority as a public figure and what he had to say to cut through the noise and stick in the memory (and conversations) of his audience.

It was the use of his branding images with a snapshot text or quote right next to his photo.

Picture this for example: An up-close photo of Gary with a humble, yet confident look on his face and one hand settling the crowd down with the quote: “You’re not lost, you’re just early in the process.”

Personal branding and Gary V - nailing it!

Immediately we as the viewer of this content feel at ease and confident in him as our teacher.

Or another example featuring Gary is sitting on a park bench, appearing to interact with a follower on his phone. This is coupled with the quote: “You’re valuing someone else’s opinion too much”.

How to use self portraits / photos of your self in your marketing and on social media


Here we are reminded of something we probably knew deep down already ourselves, but Gary takes the rewards in our mind as he was able to bring that value to the surface for us, when we evidently weren’t doing it ourselves.



This is a phenomenal strategy for creating trust, rapport and memory with your market.

Posting lots of photos and creating lots of written content means you’re working hard, combing them together means you’re working smart as well.

It shows character with the inclusion of knowledge.

It shows enthusiasm with the boost of wisdom.

It shows passion with the backing of expertise.

If you’re only using your branding images as display photos on social media and your website, it’s time to rethink the leverage you’re getting out of them.

Take a leaf out of Gary’s book and utilise the certainty you are displaying in your photos, to link it with the certainty of your message! Literally do this right now: Take your favourite branding image – the one where you display the most certainty– and insert a mantra,  a principle you live by in business or create a heading which goes with your post and places this within the image (there’s an app for that – Canva).

Now proudly post it across your social networks and reap the rewards of the new association your market will make between you and your message of truth.

Watch as your images are not only liked and appreciated, but shared amongst networks you would never have been able to reach otherwise.

Sit back and relish the opportunity to create new business relationships as your ideal buyer sees what you have to offer, but interacts and initiates the conversation with you because they like your style (and what you stand for in business).

Enjoy the ease of a sales conversation where you’re already established as an authority in your field due to the content your market has been soaking up with your photo on it.

Kelly Renee’s a Brisbane-based nutritionist who’s been enjoying the rewards of leveraging her branding images to their fullest for 5 months now. Her photos below – examples of exactly what she’s posting out to her market as we speak – show us how to do this in a way which captures our market’s attention perfectly.

How could you model Renee with the images in your own personal branding library?



Gone are the days where a personal branding image was a one-and-done marketing piece. Sure, it still is for some. But for those in the know, it’s a marketing tool that can be used over and over again, boosting our authority in the market’s eyes all the way along.

And for those even further in the know, they realise the phenomenal return on investment quality branding images bring them. They’ve experienced the power of how just one single high-quality post can generate a massive amount of leads in a short amount of time – and are equally aware of what a poor one is costing them.

Here’s looking forward to seeing your new content strategy in the news feed shortly!


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And for those who don’t have quality personal branding images (or have now realised they’re in need of a refreshing update…) there’s never been a better time to be seen as the leader of your industry. Call today on 07 32027275 to find out more.



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